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My Resume

I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Clemson University and will continue for another year to obtain my Master's degree. I have a broad range of interests within the development field, but I have a strong passion for AI technology and machine learning. When I was younger, I enjoyed developing my skills as a graphic designer, but in 2019, I found the inspiration to continue my education and pursue a career as a developer in the tech industry.

I am eager to begin my professional journey, and I am especially interested in roles that will allow me to continue to learn and grow while contributing to meaningful and innovative projects.

Here you can explore a collection of diverse technologies that I have hands-on experience with. For a detailed insight into how I've employed each of these tools, please visit the 'Skills' section.

A small gallery of recent projects chosen by me. Some of the projects were done together with amazing peers from my university while others were passion projects I pursued in my free time.
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My Skills

Through my academic journey and personal projects, I've developed a diverse set of technical skills. From programming in languages like Python, C++, and Java to implementing machine learning algorithms, I've been able to explore and expand my knowledge in various technical domains. Each card below provides a deeper insight into how I've used these skills to bring my projects to life. Click each one to see more.

Utilized Python for machine...
Built interactive web applications...
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I'm currently pursuing software development opportunities - especially in San Jose or the Bay Area. However, if you any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to use the form below.

Michael Elrod

111 University Village Dr.
Unit G
Clemson, SC 29715